Hollywood City Tattoo is proud to be one LA County’s best piercing shops. We strive to do our best! Personal character, ethics, and skill are high on our list when considering who works with us here inside Studio City Tattoo.

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Google  Reviews

went in a moments notice wife got a vch piercing done by luna. great person great staff great ambiance 5 star thanks again studio city tattoo!

Money over bitches

Got 4 ear piercings today, the people here were really friendly.
the piercing was good quality and the process was very easy 🙂

Whale by Alex

So, I typically get pierced by Steve, and he’s been the best...but today I took my 16 year old to get backs for his earrings and Steve wasn’t there...but Marv helped us out, and I couldn’t just leave without somethin...so I trusted Marv to do a kickass job, and he did. One of the best piercings of my life, sorry Steve...haha 😉 nothin but love you you. Always classy, guys

Jennifer Cole

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Yelp Reviews

i've been coming here for years and i love it everytime! today i met Marv Santos for the first time and he was amazing. he was hilarious and made it such an enjoyable experience. he did two piercings and i couldn't even feel the needle go through. 10/10 would recommend Marv + this place to get your piercings.

Maria S. Woodland Hills, CA

I have been coming to Studio City Tattoo for years. I have gotten majority of my piercings done here. All of my jewels are solid gold and purchased from them. They have a variety of pieces - different shapes, sizes and colors! I have been pierced by James, Helena, and Steve. All of which are AMAZING! Their practice is super sterile, which is SO important for me. There's a positive energy every single time I've stepped in. I LOVE IT.

If you're looking into getting pierced, COME HERE! I promise you won't regret it!

Kristine o, Los Angeles