Hollywood Tattoo has been in business for over 25 years and is the proud winner of multiple business awards. We offer a unique experience in our shop that is unlike any other tattoo studio. Our tattoo shop has a pirate theme concept and the walls are decorated with swords, flintlocks, trinkets and fine jewelry giving you the feeling of the captain’s quarters, a pirate tavern, or adventure on the high seas with mates. If you're looking for an amazing tattoo or piercing experience , look no further than Hollywood Tattoo!

Studio City Tattoo is rated Best in LA

Established in 1992.

Studio City Tattoo was born from Sunset Strip Tattoo when Rockwood Ric left to open SCT. Rockwood had a large celebrity and rock n roll clientele, with Rockwood's success he decides to buy a house and shop on the Big Island Hawaii and can be found there tattooing today at Big Island Tattoo. In 1999, Rockwood sold the tattoo shop to Piercer Clay who has taken this shop to new adventures with the pirate-themed version that you see today. Recently (2022) Master Body Piercer Steve White has become new owner of the legacy shop. We still have the celebrity clientele but have expanded the shop with not only expert tattooists but equally skilled body piercers working under the banner of Los Angeles Body Piercing. We have one of the largest and finest collection of Body Jewelry in Los Angeles. We carry 18t gold and real diamonds!

Meet the Business Owner
Business owner information
Steve W.

Business Owner

Steve has been a body piercer for many years now and over the years, has helped push the boundaries of respectability and credibility of tattoo body piercing shops in our industry. He's worked with the Health department in showing them new ways to improve our accountability and safety.

Steve White Master Body Piercer
steve white owner studio city tattoo