Cost of getting a tattoo

This is how it works: first, call us or stop into the shop with any artwork or ideas you might have. We then enter your information into our system. We require $100 deposit to get things started. The deposit goes to the final cost of your tattoo. Once you’re a regular in our database, we no longer require a deposit when making your appointment. We get very busy and need to know that our first-time clients are serious. We have a shop minimum of $100 for a small tattoo. Usually a small tattoo runs between $100-$160.

For medium to larger projects our hourly rate is $150, although many times we attach a fixed rate to a tattoo. We also offer a special 6 hour full day rate of $700 for larger projects in order to help you complete that back piece or sleeve tattoo.

Walk-ins are welcome. If you walk-in and we have time to do the tattoo we are more than happy to help. If we’re busy we can talk about your project and make you an appointment.